Line Maintenance Provider

Miami Tech Aircraft Maintenance (MTAM) technicians are fully qualified for troubleshooting and repair of all designated aircraft systems including avionics.

•Flight Line Arrival, servicing, and departures.
•Overnight checks.
•Transit checks and logbook rectification.
•Deferred maintenance items and MEL items.
•On call or non routine maintenance.
•On call AOG support.
•Extensive troubleshooting and repairs.
•Ground support provider.

Airframe MRO Services

MTAM has been providing airlines with quality heavy maintenance for over 10 years. These services include but are not limited to:

  • MSG-3 Phase checks through heavy maintenance.
  • A checks.
  • B checks.
  • C Checks.

Engine AOG Services

Miami Tech Aircraft Maintenance (MTAM) specializes in power plant AOG services. We have made a name for ourselves in the industry with our expert knowledge and expedited ability to perform maintenance aircraft engines. Some of these include:

  • AOG teams can be sent on field service calls to perform engine on wing support and recovery services under FAA D100 authorization.
  • Engine removal and installation.
  • Complete non destructive testing (NDT)
  • Engine borescope services.
  • Engine AD compliance.

Modification Services

Contact MTAM for special modification requests, E.O’s, and any other custom orders including:

•Winglet installation.
•Cabin interior upgrades.
•Passenger to freighter conversion.
•Cargo loading system installations.
•Re-engine installations.
•AD/SB, engineering.

Lease Returns

Let MTAM assist your company with a lease returns as we specialize in:

•Planning and implementation in lease return maintenance requirements.
•Reconfiguring cabin interiors.
•LOPA changes.
•Custom interior installations.
•Aircraft maintenance program realignment and maintenance reserves detail bill process.

Avionic Services

Our expert avionics technicians have been trained and are thoroughly qualified for installations including:

•Cockpit avionic upgrades.
•Inflight entertainment systems.
•Electronic flight bag installations.
•DFDR parameter upgrades.
•HF installations.
•Air to ground communications.
•Satellite emergency locator transmitter.

Interior Modifications

Let our team of interior technicians lead the way to you custom interior. MTAM interior shop can accomplish any of the following:

•Cabin interior upgrades.
•Reconfiguration of cabin.
•LOPA changes.
•Custom executive installations.
•Installation of custom escape path lighting.

Aircraft Maintenance